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Life Casting 6-14 - Mixed Medium

It is such a joy to be on this fascinating journey of creating art.  I follow my intuition without any limitations working mainly in mixed media. Being able to take a simple tossed away trinket and repurpose it by opening my mind creatively and optimistically so it finds it's way into the depths of texture on my canvas.  I passionately strive to excite your hidden desires of adventure so when you are gazing at any of my artwork, you will find the vibrancy of Encouragement, Hope and Optimisim embedded.  Indulge your inner child to follow the fluidity of lines that have no boundaries  into your own never ending journey.


I am anxious to be tested and challenged. I am not afraid to question or participate in the latest craze to figure out if it will enhance my art. I am a perpetual student of learning and my work is ever evolving as I constantly search out other artist to learn from as well as experiment with my own new ideas that surprise me in their end results.  I thrive on exploring new places geographically as well as emotionally and always meeting new friends.




If you seek to have your vision expressed, Velia can put your thoughts and desires onto canvass and lead you to your dreams with a one of a kind commissioned piece of art.  Velia hopes to take your breath away and rouse your senses through her unique and inspirational creations.



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